Hello from the field

Hello from the field

Hello from our family’s land, Bluehills Farms, located in beautiful Georgeville, Quebec. 

My first medicinal garden was grown on my deck in the heart of the city. Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Peppermint and their friends populated my deck in containers and felt growing sacks. It was summer of 2021 and made perfect sense to have this joyful plant playground at my finger tips close to me, to study, to taste, to harvest, dry and blend.

The plants blossomed and I recognized they no longer wished to be contained. Time to dream bigger! 

Our land has grown organic garlic the last few years, led by my sister Nadine. When the farmer came to plough for the garlic, I quietly requested a spot for my plants in one of the lower fields facing west.

It was Fall 2021 and Alexandra’s field for tea was ploughed.  

With no firm plan in place aside an intuitive sense that this felt right, the adventure began.

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